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1st Round

・Each dancer has 45 seconds to represent themselves in front of the 4 Judges. 2 dancers will dance at the same time.
・36 dancers will be selected. Top4 dancers go straight to Tournament and join 2nd Round cypher as Guests. The other 32 dancers advance to 2nd Round.

2nd Round
【Tryout Cypher】

・32 dancers who pass 1st Round will be divided into 8 cyphers.
・One of the Judges and one of the Guests will join each cypher. In total 6 dancers will share 12 minutes in each cypher. Judges will select one dancer (except Guests) from their cypher and 8 dancers advance to Tournament.


・8 Guests (including 4 dancers from 1st Round) and 8 dancers from 2nd Round will battle 1on1.
・Every match will be decided by “Call-out”.
・1 move is within 1 minute. Dancers have 1 move till Top8 and 2 moves from Semi-final.